Spaghetti alla Ragu


Growing up, one of my favorite dishes was my mom’s spaghetti.  We always had a big pot of it for our birthdays and other family parties.  I’m not exactly sure where her recipe originally came from and since I’m of Chinese and British descent, i.e. not Italian, it’s safe to say that I can’t claim my family brought it over from the old world, but I don’t care.  It’s damn tasty!

Last summer when I was visiting Dana down in San Diego I decided to make a big batch of sauce.  Earlier in the summer, one of the attorneys found out that we make a killer ragu and wanted her to bring some in to work for him.  He wanted to be the judge of our sauce since he, unlike either of us, was in fact Italian.  He claimed that if the sauced wowed him he’d get Dana a job.  I’m not claiming all of the credit, but we brought him sauce (twice) and Dana ended up getting a job there….just saying.  Anyways, this particular batch of ragu was the dinner I proposed over.  So not only did it get Dana her job, it also convinced her to say yes.  Talk about a successful day in the kitchen!


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