meet the halfandhalfs

(c) Jenny Jimenez

So…why half and halfs?  Well, because that’s what we are.  We’re both half Asian, half Caucasian.  Or..half white, half right..or half Asian, half normal… regardless of how you say it, we’re proud to be half and halfs!  Steve is Chinese and British, while Dana is a much more exotic, Norwegian, Japanese, Filipino, Swedish and Chinese…in that order.  Also, hopefully this blog will turn out to be half baking/half cooking – all the things we make and eat in our humble apartment.

Both Pacific Northwesterners at heart (one from Seattle, one from Portland), we met at the University of Washington as undergrads.  And we’ve been together ever since – cooking, baking, everything.  After short stint in upstate New York we’re finally back on the West Coast – this time in San Diego.

3 thoughts on “meet the halfandhalfs

  1. Hey Steve, your mother introduced me to your blog and it looks fascinating. I’ll be reading! Elaine, cousin from Vancouver, BC

  2. Love you guys! We had a fantastic time partying with you at your wedding =) Love your cooking site too! our lil’ boy is gonna be a great half and half too! Filipino, Spanish, Irish, German and Native American!
    ~Jojo, Isaac and Rafael

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