Fried Rice and Chili Crunch

Fried Rice 1

Growing up, there was one thing I could cook, fried rice.  Growing up in a half Asian household,  we always had my preferred ingredients.  Cold, day (or two) old rice, […]


Spinach Risotto

What is it about risotto that oozes decadence?  I’d say we eat rice 4 or 5 nights week…enough for the two of us to go through 20 lbs. bags of […]

mmmmm….bbq pork

Chinese Dinner

So… here in Ithaca has taught me to appreciate good ethnic food.  We’ve got multiple great Thai spots, who’d expect that, a couple decent Japanese restaurants, one decent Chinese place, […]

Chinese smorgasbord

Chinese smorgasbord

What to do with Chinese leftovers. Too little for dinner for two, too much for a snack. The best solution is just to make more Chinese food! To go with […]